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Success With Safe And Efficient Services

Success With Safe And Efficient Services
West Chun
West Chun
Vice President of Operations Sino Jet Management Limited (Hong Kong)

As the global economy continues to be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the overall number of business jets in Greater China shrank by 5.1%, the largest drop recorded since 2012. New aircraft came in as older jets left Greater China. A total of eight new business jets were delivered to commercial business jet operators in mainland China in 2021, which helped consolidate its position as the largest market in the Asia-Pacific region with a total of 340 business jets. Of the eight new deliveries, five new aircraft were delivered to Sino Jet, which included the Bombardier Global 6500 and Gulfstream G650. The deliveries solidified Sino Jet’s position as the region’s star business jet operator, which is now confirmed to have the biggest fleet in the region for three consecutive years.

In this issue, Sino Jet shares the secrets of its success amid the tough operating environment.

Sino Jet specialises the management and operation of large business jets. Its business ranges from aircraft trading, aircraft maintenance, global charter services, ground handling, fixed based operator (FBO), to luxurious travel services and more.

Sino Jet is fully committed to the concept the complete life cycle management of its aircraft and it is also the first business jet company in mainland China to obtain the highest level of safety recognition for international business jet operations – IS-BAO level 3 certification. Furthermore, Sino Jet has been named “The World’s Leading Business Jet Company” multiple times at the World Travel Awards.

Sino Jet says that although some business companies have decided to let go of their aircraft assets for different reasons in 2021, the general demand for safe and convenient travel remains strong. Private and efficient business jet travel is still the first choice for businessmen, and this has led to a number of new business jet owners. In 2021, Sino Jet fleet recorded a total of eight additions, five of which were brand new aircraft.

Sino Jet said, “Amid strong demands for business jet travel, stringent restrictions and quarantine requirements in many countries have placed new challenges on scheduling aircraft deliveries and aircraft maintenance work overseas, sustaining safety and efficiency have become the keys to success in the market.”

In regard to rising challenges, Sino Jet has put forward a business strategy to develop an “extensive service network”, “comprehensive maintenance capabilities” and an “integrated information management”. Sino Jet has invented a new aircraft delivery model, obtained operation and maintenance licenses for major business jet aircraft models in Greater China, and created an information management system that is tailored for all aspects of business aircraft management.

In addition to its operating bases in Beijing and Hong Kong, Sino Jet continued to boost investment in its Shanghai branch in 2021 and established a new Jiangsu branch, which complements its Hangzhou base to form a strong Yangtze River Delta service network. At the same time, Sino Jet has also set up offices in Hebei and Fujian. Recently, Sino Jet signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Hainan Free Trade Port, and its Hainan subsidiary has increased its charter capacity to meet demand from the Port. To date, Sino Jet has operating bases and branches in 20 cities around the world, and its extensive service network can help drive up operational efficiency for its aircraft management clients, and bring the option of charter jet travel to more business travelers. The safety standard at Sino Jet is widely recognized. Being a holder of multiple operation and maintenance licenses issued by a number of National Aviation Authorities, including China, the United States, Europe, The Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Aruba, The Isle of Man, Guernsey, and San Marino, Sino Jet is able to provide management services to aircraft with various foreign registrations within China. Sino Jet is also licensed to provide qualified scheduled maintenance services to major business aircraft types from Bombardier, Gulfstream, Dassault and other popular aircraft manufacturers, further enhancing their aircraft utilisation by removing the need to be serviced abroad.

In aircraft operations, Sino Jet attributes the very best possible operational scenarios in terms of safety to the latest technology it adopts. Sino Jet created its own information technology development subsidary, which has designed an advanced aircraft operation system, a maintenance management system, safety management system, flight quality monitoring system and other information systems. All these systems are designed to be highly integrated, to ensure traceability of all aircraft operations, as well as every safety and quality management process. These advanced systems are proven to play an important role in maximising aircraft preservation value.

“Begin from the clients’ perspectives, sincerely care for the clients’ valuable assets through effective controls, make no compromise to safety and operate with the highest degree of efficiency. This is how Sino Jet gains trust and confidence from its customers, promotes the safety and convenience of business jet travel, and leads to new business jet ownerships.” Sino Jet said, “As the global economy recovers, the business jet market is expected to usher in even greater development.

Sino Jet Management Limited (Hong Kong) Sino Jet Management Limited (Hong Kong)


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