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Skyports and Wisk Collaborate on AAM Infrastructure

Skyports and Wisk Collaborate on AAM Infrastructure

Skyports and Wisk Aero are collaborating to define autonomous advanced air mobility (AAM) infrastructure operations.

The partnership ensures vertiports and other infrastructure are able to support autonomous operations for long-term success, as autonomy is key to unlocking AAM’s full potential.

According to Duncan Walker, CEO of Skyports, “It’s important that infrastructure built today can accommodate the aircraft of tomorrow.”

Both companies will evaluate core areas, such as the physical aircraft condition, navigation aids, passenger accommodations, airspace design, and more.

The partnership also released a Concept of Operations (ConOps) to showcase how autonomous eVTOLs and operators will integrate with vertiports.

“The ConOps and our continued work on the development of vehicle-agnostic vertiports and ground-based infrastructure will ensure that this industry is well prepared to safely integrate autonomous operations in the future,” Duncan says.

With air taxi services nearing launch, AAM infrastructures are now becoming important to consider.

Skyports recently partnered with Thome and Wilhemsen to develop drone delivery operations in Singapore. The company also raised US $23 million in its Series B Funding Round.

You can read more about Skyports in Asian Sky Media’s 2021 Asia-Pacific Region UAM Report.