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Ryse Aero Technologies Tests eVTOL Designed for Farmers

Ryse Aero Technologies Tests eVTOL Designed for Farmers

Ohio-based startup Ryse Aero Technologies has test flighted its six-rotor ultralight Ryse Recon, a unique machine designed for farmers that can be flown without a pilot’s license.

Those who have done 45 minutes of training can fly this aircraft while traveling around farms and ranches for about 25 minutes on a charge.

While business partners were talking about the electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) market, Mick Kowitz, founder and CEO, Ryse Aero Technologies, saw a different opportunity for an ultralight machine that could be flown by anyone.

“We started looking at who would be a great early adopter for this technology,” he says. “I have good friends that are farmers with large farms and they’re like the perfect market for this.”

The airship, with carbon-blade propellers, has “drone like” safety systems and controls, with the ability to hover and rotate as easily as a helicopter.

The machine has equipment approved by the Federal Aviation Administration and is outfitted with an artificial intelligence system to keep the machine steady even in winds.

Kowitz said the company will manufacture 100 machines in 2023 and build 1,000 in 2024.

Ryse Aero Technologies, the VTOL company, will be on hand near the Autonomy exhibit and fly the aircraft on the east side of the grounds of the 2022 Farm Progress Show in the US state of Iowa.