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Platoon Aviation Receives Sixth PC-24

Platoon Aviation Receives Sixth PC-24

Platoon Aviation, a German charter operator, has received its sixth PC-24 light business jet from Pilatus Aircraft.

The delivery of the Super Versatile Jet, serial number 306, was announced at the AERO Friedrichshafen aviation show and has brought the PC-24 fleet of Platoon Aviation to six, following the first delivery in the first quarter of 2021.

When announcing the delivery, Deniz Weissenborn, Managing Director, Platoon Aviation said there has been an “unbroken demand” for business and leisure travel in Europe.

“Besides business travel, holiday destinations in the south such as Nice, Olbia or Paris are particularly popular in the summer,” Weissenborn said, adding that the cabin size of PC-24 business jets has unparalleled advantages in offering storage space for holiday travel.

Pilatus recently upgraded the avionics suite in its PC-24 business jet, adding a host of safety improvements to aircraft rolling off its Stans production line. The delivery of the sixth PC-24 to Platoon Aviation is a testament to the company’s growth and success in the aviation industry.

The PC-24 is known for the versatility of a turboprop with the cabin size of a medium-light jet, and the performance of a light jet. The PC-24 was introduced in May 2013 and was developed as an improvement over the single-engine turboprop PC-12.

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