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PLANA Unveils CP-01 Hybrid Electric Air Taxi

PLANA Unveils CP-01 Hybrid Electric Air Taxi

South Korean manufacturer PLANA has shed light on the CP-01, its hybrid electric vertical takeoff and landing (HeVTOL) aircraft, on the company’s newly designed website. 

The company said it aims to “revolutionize” the advanced air mobility (AAM) industry with the aircraft, which merges the benefits of helicopters and airplanes to provide a “fast, efficient, and eco-friendly” transportation option. 

The CP-01 recently won the Professional Concept prize at the iF Design Awards. The six-seater vehicle has a flying range of 500 km and can reach a cruise speed of 300 kph. 

“We are excited to launch our new website and reveal our CP-01 aircraft to the world,” said Braden J. Kim CEO of PLANA. “We hope to increase our brand awareness and communication by creating more engaging and informative content and channels for our customers and partners.”

To continue gaining traction and introducing its aircraft to the wider world, PLANA announced plans to appear at numerous events in South Korea and abroad. Among them is the World IT Show 2023, which will be held at COEX in Seoul from April 19 to 21. 

Last month, PLANA opened two offices in the United States, situated in Silicon Valley and Irvine, to speed up the certification process for its aircraft. 

It also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Jeju Air that revolves around the creation of an AAM ecosystem and partnered with Volatus Infrastructure to develop vertiports and integrate eVTOLs.

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