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Dassault Posts More Profits, Falcon Orders Up 25% in 2022

Dassault Posts More Profits, Falcon Orders Up 25% in 2022

Dassault Aviation has posted revenue of €6.9 billion and a net profit of €830 million for its 2022 financial year, despite supply chain issues, inflation, and the cancellation of Russian-ordered Falcon business jets.

The revenue went down from €7,2 billion in 2021 to €6.9 billion in 2022, with adjusted net income going up 20% to €830 million, compared with €693 million in 2021.

The French manufacturer received net orders for 64 Falcon aircraft in 2022 (totaling €3.4 billion), a 25% increase from the 51 net orders received in 2021. Dassault cited a “vibrant business jet market” as the cause for the uptick in orders.

A total of 32 Falcon aircraft were delivered in 2022, an increase of two aircraft from 2021. The book-to-bill ratio for Falcon aircraft in 2022 was 1.64.

The manufacturer’s backlog has increased to “the largest in the group’s history,” according to Dassault. The backlog for Falcon aircraft increased from 55 aircraft in 2021 to 87 aircraft in 2022, equating to a book value of €4.7 billion. Despite the significant increase in orders, Dassault noted that it saw a slowdown in sales towards the end of 2022.

Dassault is expecting significant progress with its two newest business aircraft in 2023. The Falcon 6X is expected to enter service in mid-2023. Development of the Falcon 10X is expected to continue and the aircraft will be able to fly on 100% sustainable aviation fuel when it enters service.

Dassault’s guidance for 2023 is to deliver 35 Falcon aircraft – the same as its guidance for 2022 – and expect its net sales to be lower compared to 2022.

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