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NORAD Picks Up Unusual North Pole Signals

NORAD Picks Up Unusual North Pole Signals

NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, has picked up early signs that a once-yearly phenomenon is set to affect global skies between December 24th – 25th.

The signals, which appear to originate from the North Pole, suggest that an unknown entity is preparing to embark on a global journey, beginning in the furthest reaches of the Pacific Islands and making numerous stops in each country, before returning to the North Pole.

NORAD says that the phenomenon coincides with the mysterious delivery of Christmas presents to children.

Asian Sky Group contacted several experts to try and ascertain how it would be possible for one person to carry enough presents to deliver to children across the world, but despite having to sit through a two-hour lecture on aerospace dynamics and physics, none of the experts were able to fully explain the phenomenon.

Despite the fact that it appears every year, very few people have witnessed it with their own eyes.

NORAD is however so confident that it will happen once again this year that it has set up a tracking website, which will start tracking the phenomenon once it begins to move.

The NORAD website can be found at NORAD Tracks Santa. It is believed that Santa is the internal name that NORAD has given the phenomenon, as despite extensive research Asian Sky Group was unable to confirm the existence of an aircraft registered as S-ANTA, or SA-NTA.

NORAD was unable to provide an official statement on the phenomenon. However, one of its employees later contacted Asian Sky Group privately under the condition of anonymity, and simply shrugged his shoulders and said “That’s the magic of Christmas”.