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FAA Certifies Viasat’s In-flight Connectivity System for G450

FAA Certifies Viasat’s In-flight Connectivity System for G450

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved mobile network operator commercial company Viasat’s Ka-band In-flight Connectivity (IFC) system for Gulfstream’s G450 with a supplemental type certificate (STC).

The connectivity system, which enables consistent and fast connectivity onboard, has become available for more than 20 aircraft types, including super mid-cabins through large cabins, and long-range business aircraft.

Passengers can have access to video conferencing, streaming, and corporate virtual private network during the flight via Viasat’s Wi-Fi solutions, which are ready to use in more than 300 Gulfstream G450s in the market.

“Viasat’s high speed and high-quality Ka connectivity is at long last available to Gulfstream G450 aircraft operators. With over 90 percent of business aviation routes covered by our Ka network, our solution is a great fit for operators that want fast, reliable connectivity that matches the long-range profile of this aircraft,” said D’Amico, Business Area Director, Viasat.

The company is expected to launch a trio of high-capacity Ka-band satellites called ViaSat-3 for better internet connectivity.