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AIR eVTOL Completes Transition Flight

AIR eVTOL Completes Transition Flight

Israel-based aircraft manufacturer AIR has completed its first transition flight, which saw the company’s eVTOL transition from hover to cruise while loaded at full capacity.

The successful flight of the company’s full-scale eVTOL prototype, dubbed AIR ONE, marks the beginning of additional flight hours planned for the aircraft as part of the Federal Aviation Administration certification process.

AIR hopes to lead the “personal air mobility” market by catering its eVTOL to customers keen on owning an eVTOL and using it to commute short distances.

The AIR ONE is a two-seater aircraft capable of carrying payloads of up to 250 kg and flying at speeds of up to 250 km/h. The company is designing the eVTOL to be compact enough to fit in most garages and driveways.

“It is thrilling to have reached this moment in our journey as we strive to build the foundation to make personal air mobility a reality,” said Rani Plaut, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of AIR. “AIR is incredibly proud to play a role in the global AAM movement, and we’re looking forward and upward to 2024 when adoption of privately-owned eVTOLs takes flight.”