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Archer Completes Full Transition Flight of Maker eVTOL

Archer Completes Full Transition Flight of Maker eVTOL

Archer Aviation completed the first full transition flight of its previous generation Maker eVTOL on November 29, in a move that demonstrates the key enabling technologies for its aircraft and making Archer one of a handful of aerospace companies in the world to achieve this accomplishment.

A full transition flight is when an aircraft transition from lift generated by its propellers at low speeds to lift produced by the wind at higher speeds, with the tilt propellers locked in a cruise position.

The transition also validates the flight physics of Archer’s Maker eVTOL, which uses a 12-tilt-6 propeller configuration, the same configuration seen on its latest iteration known as Midnight. Archer recently unveiled its latest eVTOL at an open house event on November 16 and is working to certify with the Federal Aviation Administration in late 2024.

All 12 of Maker’s propellers provide vertical lift during take-off and landing, while the front six propellers tilt forward to cruise position to provide propulsion during forward flight, with the wing providing aerodynamic lift similar to a conventional aircraft.

“From day one, Archer’s strategy has always been about finding the most efficient path to commercializing eVTOL aircraft,” said Adam Goldstein, Archer’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “The data and experience we’ve gathered from Maker’s rigorous flight testing program has been invaluable to the development and certification path of Midnight, and lends further confidence to our belief that Archer will be the first company to certify an eVTOL aircraft in the US with the FAA.”