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Kurz Aviation Service Adds to ExecuJet’s Germany FBO Network

Kurz Aviation Service Adds to ExecuJet’s Germany FBO Network

ExecuJet has partnered with Germany’s Kurz Aviation Service in providing fixed-base operation (FBO) services in the country.

The two companies, which have already established FBOs in several German cities, will combine their networks while working together to secure deals on pricing and supplier contracts, according to Ronny Stechert, Managing Director, ExecuJet Europe.

The collaboration, announced during the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) 2023 in Geneva, is set to commence in June 2023.

ExecuJet, which was acquired by Luxaviation in 2015, already operates FBOs in Berlin and Munich. Kurz Aviation Service, as a partner, brings its FBOs and general aviation terminals in Stuttgart, Cologne, and Frankfurt to ExecuJet’s network.

“We are thrilled to be launching this partnership with Kurz Aviation Service, starting in June 2023. Clients and crews will benefit from the synergies of this partnership,” Stechert said.

The two companies will be rotating staff around the sites in order to get a better understanding of the specific requirements and strengths of each FBO. Moreover, ExecuJet and Kurz Aviation Service will work on minimizing the environmental impact of FBO operations.

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