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Greenbird Adds Three Australian Companies to Consortium

Greenbird Adds Three Australian Companies to Consortium

Greenbird, an advanced air mobility (AAM) collaboration platform, has added three Australian companies to its consortium.

These companies are H2 Energy Company (h2ec), AvLogix Solutions, and FlyFreely.

This move comes as a result of growing interest in AAM, with Greenbird aiming to accelerate its entry and growth in Australia.

“Greenbird is bringing together international expertise and local supply chain partners to develop and enable local industry capability in this important emerging sector,” states Sara Hales, Greenbird’s Director.

She further adds, “Greenbird’s industry led approach will help to provide a clear path to commercialization for advanced air mobility investment in Australia.”

Other industry partners include ASL Aero, Archerfield Airport Corporation, Griffith University, Skyports, and more.

Greenbird expects early commercialization of AAM will start in 2026.

Greenbird previously announced Electro.Aero joined its platform as well.