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Sigma Aerospace Joins Greenbird

Sigma Aerospace Joins Greenbird

Sigma Aerospace, Australia’s leading private MRO, has joined Greenbird’s consortium.

“A key aspect of establishing the AAM industry in Australia is ensuring every aspect of the supply chain is involved. Aircraft maintenance is critical to ensuring the continuing airworthiness of AAM aircraft, and the contribution of such a key MRO player is a valuable addition to the platform,” says Sara Hales, Greenbird’s Managing Director.

According to Matthew Wheatley, Sigma Aerospace’s Director, this partnership is an opportunity to develop Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and general aviation in Australia. He also sees AAM technology as key to improving supply chains, boosting the economy, and reducing carbon footprint.

“New technology coming to market provides an opportunity to repurpose general aviation through the use of alternative technology, such as electric and hydrogen propulsion systems and associated components,” he says.

Greenbird projects it will see more partners joining in the coming weeks.

Greenbird previously added an additional three Australian companies to its consortium to accelerate AAM growth in Australia.