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Asia Tops Growth List as Europe BizAv Slows Down

Asia Tops Growth List as Europe BizAv Slows Down

European business aviation activity showed signs of slowing down while Asia saw the biggest growth, according to the latest WINGX market overview.

Business jet activity in Europe tumbled to 9% below September last year, although it still climbed by 17% compared to the same period in September 2019. The decline is partly driven by macro concerns and 2021’s late summer seasonal peak.

Global business jets activity so far in September is 3% above last year and 19% above three years ago. In the last four weeks compared to September last year, the Asia market surged by 24%, followed by 18% in the Middle East, 9% in South America, and 3% in Africa.

The US market is hitting new peaks when business jet activity in North America as of September went up by 5% from last year and 17% above three years ago. The growth in the US was mainly from private and corporate traffic.

Most European countries experienced a downward trend in business aviation when compared with 2021, while Sweden saw 57%-growth.