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Equinox Charter Earns ARGUS Certified Charter Broker Rating

Equinox Charter Earns ARGUS Certified Charter Broker Rating

Equinox Charter, the London-based charter company, has earned its ARGUS Certified Charter Broker rating. The certification ensures that Equinox Charter follows correct risk mitigation and due diligence procedures for all charter flights.

To achieve ARGUS certification, a company needs to undergo an onsite audit conducted by ARGUS of company data, documentation and practices in three key areas: organization and management, brokerage operations and customer considerations. Companies also need to have an approved and fully functioning operations manual.

Elliot Bottomley, Managing Director, Equinox Charter, said: “We are thrilled at Equinox Charter to have achieved ARGUS Certified status. Part of our job is to provide clients with assurance – when a client comes to us for an aircraft, they want to feel safe in the knowledge that we know what we are doing and are providing safe, reputable, and reliable options. If an operator has not been used before, our clients need to know appropriate checks are conducted accordingly.”

Kevin Ducksbury, Chairman, the Air Charter Association, commented “The Air Charter Association, of which Equinox Charter is an active member, continuously pushes for safe and legal charter. We are delighted to see members further committed to demonstrate their professionalism and best practices by undertaking the audit process with ARGUS.”

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