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US Business Aviation Flights Peaked in October 2022

US Business Aviation Flights Peaked in October 2022

ARGUS, an international aviation data and software company, said the last quarter of 2022 had seen a record number of business aviation flights in the US.

According to the report released on January 9, general aviation activity outnumbered  fractional and charter flights recorded every month of the year, with a significant peak of over 151,000 flights in October.

“Charter flight activity peaked in March 2022. Fractional flights remained fairly consistent throughout the year but had a small peak in October 2022,” the company said.

Teterboro, New Jersey was the leading airport with many arrivals and departures for the three operational flight categories in their respective peak months.

Van Nuys, California, to Las Vegas, Nevada, was the top route for business jet flights in October, with Washington Dulles to Teterboro being the top route for business jet Fractional flights, which also peaked in the same month. In the peak month of March, Teterboro to West Palm Beach, Florida was the top route with the highest number of business jet charter flights.

An earlier report released by Argus showed a significant increase of 5.4% in business aviation flights week over week, while business aviation flights in Europe tanked by 3.4% for the first two weeks in October 2022.

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