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Electrical Aircraft Service Available in Aviation Platform

Electrical Aircraft Service Available in Aviation Platform

Flights using Pipistrel’s Velis Electro Aircraft are now available in the United Kingdom from Wingly – a flight aviation sharing platform that allows private pilots to fly with passengers to reduce the cost of flying.

An option for a 30-minute flight on the electrical aircraft will be available for the users of Wingly in Damyns Hall Aerodrome located in Upminster, England.

More airclubs will be adding electric private flights by 2022 including airclubs from France and Switzerland.

Although the flights are currently available with a 2-seater for 30 minutes, Wingly is aiming to be able to fly with a 4-seater for one hour by 2025.

Pipistrel’s Velis Electro Aircraft is a twin-seater electric-powered light general aircraft.

The manufacturer was acquired by Textron Aviation in April.


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