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CD-300 Extends Time Between Replacement

CD-300 Extends Time Between Replacement

The CD-300 engine, an engine used in general aviation such as DA 50, gained EASA approval for extending the Time Between Replacement (TBR) to 2000 hours.

The engine first entered service in 2019 with an initial Time Between Replacement of 1200 hours.

In addition, the requirement for the gearbox replacement will change from every 600 hours to on condition, allowing the operational cost of the engines to be lowered.

“Continental is working continuously to improve the quality and robustness of our engines and parts,” said Dr. David Dörner, Vice President of Global Research and Development.

“These product improvements are a testament to Continental’s commitment to advancing general aviation engine technology and customer value. With 9 million flight hours accumulated on our Jet-A engines, we believe that the Jet-A engine is a viable powerplant option for today’s operators and the more sustainable future of GA.”

According to Asian Sky Media’s China GA Report 2021, Continental is the fourth largest engine OEM in the Asia-Pacific region.


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