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Capital Air Ambulance Launches Pediatric Service

Capital Air Ambulance Launches Pediatric Service

Capital Air Ambulance has launched its new pediatric service, allowing the operator to safely transfer children of all ages, including children in critical care.

The UK-based operator’s fleet of Beechcraft King Air aircraft is now equipped with intensive care monitoring and treatment equipment, including ventilators, invasive monitoring machines and critical care medications.

The fleet can now transport level 3 patients requiring advanced respiratory support or suffering from multiple organ failures from bed to bed internationally. This includes children on a ventilator and those requiring intravenous medications to support heart and circulation.

Alongside its air ambulance fleet, Capital has a team of 30 doctors and nurses with extensive experience in caring for critically ill children.

Anna Barrow, head of the pediatric aeromedical division said: “We are very excited to be starting the pediatric aspect of Capital’s service. Being injured or unwell is a frightening experience for any child and their family, even more so when it happens far from home. We are committed to providing the highest level of care for your child, and our staff will be there to hold their hand all the way home.”

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