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Blade to Develop UAM in New Jersey

Blade to Develop UAM in New Jersey

Blade Air Mobility has signed an agreement with Newport Helipad to manage and revitalize the Newport Helistop in Newport, New Jersey, for its electric aircraft.

Under the agreement, Blade will be responsible for operating the helistop for both the company’s flights and third-party operations. The manufacturer will also construct a terminal for eVTOL operations and lounge amenities for passengers.

The arrangement aims to safely implement and gradually expand urban air mobility (UAM) in the greater New York City metropolitan area using electric aircraft, laying the foundation for the introduction of Blade’s Electric Vertical Aircraft (EVA) eVTOL once it starts commercial operation. 

Blade will also initiate a pilot program for charter flights and assess the feasibility of offering the first-ever scheduled, by-the-seat service between the Helistop and airports and heliports in New York. With this service, a journey from the helistop to JFK Airport will only take around 5 minutes, significantly less than a traditional journey by car, which could take up to 2.5 hours. 

“All large communities will need an urban air mobility strategy to bolster their attractiveness to corporations and residents alike in an increasingly competitive market,” said Nate Alexander, Blade’s Senior Director, Rotorcraft Operations. “We are pleased that Newport had the foresight to relight this Helistop and partner with Blade to ensure safe and reliable vertical transportation for all tenants and residents in the community.”

The deal with Newport Helipad comes after Blade saw revenues for the first quarter of 2023 increase 70% to USD$45.3 million. The company’s net loss also decreased from USD$11 million in Q1 2022 to USD$10.2 million in Q1 2023.

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