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Avfuel to Celebrate 50th Anniversary

Avfuel to Celebrate 50th Anniversary

Avfuel has been preparing to celebrate its 50th anniversary next year since its foundation in 1973, with major events planned to mark the progress.

“To say we’re excited to mark this milestone is an understatement,” said Joel Hirst, Senior Vice President of Sales, Avfuel. “We’re not just celebrating a milestone year – we’re celebrating all the progress that has been made over the decades.”

As the needs of the aviation industry are undergoing transformation, Hirst said the company will “further push the envelope” and usher in the next generation of general aviation as a global fuel supplier.

Over the past 50 years, Avfuel has evolved from a small regional fuel provider to a comprehensive global supplier of aviation fuel and services with more than 1,000 employees.

Looking into the future, C.R. Sincock, Executive Vice President, Avfuel, said the company is aiming to become an energy company providing electric, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and hydrogen power sources.