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AutoFlight Releases New POC Video

AutoFlight Releases New POC Video

AutoFlight released its second proof of concept (POC) video for its air taxi, the Prosperity I.

The aircraft has a range of applications including travelling between areas in a city, airport commutes and flying between cities.

The latest design of Prosperity I allows it to have higher hover efficiency, with optimized lifting propellers and an upgraded lift & cruise configuration.

“POC#2 is a new milestone for us, and we are pleased to have achieved over 30 successful transitions in the last few weeks with a full-size aircraft. This further demonstrates the great potential of our lift & cruise configuration which combines simplicity and safety. We will encompass all these key experiences and learnings into the final, full scale, design of Prosperity I which we will be revealing later this year,” states Mark Henning, Managing Director of AutoFlight Europe.

The company plans to launch the aircraft’s final design in Q3 2022, with commercial flights planned to begin in 2026.

You can read more about AutoFlight in Asian Sky Media’s 2021 Asia-Pacific UAM Report