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Archer Receives FAA Airworthiness Criteria Specifications

Archer Receives FAA Airworthiness Criteria Specifications

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a set of airworthiness criteria on December 20 that aerospace operator Archer Aviation must meet in order for its eVTOL to be certified for use.

The release, which comes after the FAA made a similar announcement in November for Joby Aviation to certify its eVTOL, will allow for public consultation and comments on the specifications for Archer’s proposed eVTOL.

Archer has made headway in recent months, from the unveiling of its Midnight eVTOL at an open house event in November and completing its first full transition flight last month.

Archer, which is backed by United Airlines and automobile corporation Stellantis NV, said in October that it aims to produce about 250 battery-electric air taxis in 2025 and scale up production in the following years.

“The Archer Model M001 powered-lift has characteristics of both a rotorcraft and an airplane,” the FAA document reads. “It is designed to function as a helicopter for takeoff and landing and as an airplane cruising at higher speeds than a helicopter during the en-route portion of flight operations. Accordingly, the Archer Model M001 powered-lift proposed airworthiness criteria contain standards from parts 23, 33, and 35 as well as other proposed airworthiness criteria specific for a powered-lift with electric engines.”