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An interview with Airbus

An interview with Airbus
David Mezenen
David Mezenen
ACJ Sales Director for Asia Airbus

What are the key advantages an ACJ TwoTwenty has over its competition?

The ACJ TwoTwenty is a new value proposition to business aviation, opening up a new market segment, the Xtra large bizjet, at the same price point of an ultra-long-rang aircraft. The innovative solution combines an intercontinental range of 5,650 nm (over 12 flight hours or Hong Kong-London for example) and unmatched personal space providing comfort for each passenger with 6 VIP areas and 73m2 of floor surface area. The aircraft will offer three times more cabin space, yet with a third less operating costs as well as double residual value retention over its competition.

How do the operating economics stack up against purpose-built business jets?

The ACJ TwoTwenty offers unbeatable reliability and economics resulting in 33% savings on key operating costs including maintenance, parts and training compared to ULRs (Ultra Long Range). Over 10 years, future owners will save 66% in maintenance costs alone thanks to its airline reliability, 50% lower maintenance man hours (equivalent to 60 days higher availability) and cheaper spares. A flight crew recurrent annual training costs 6 times less than its competitors. It is clearly a better investment as ACJs typically depreciate at 2-4% a year compared to 6-9% for traditional business jets.

When compared to a purpose-built business jet, how much more runway length does an ACJ TwoTwenty need to take-off / land?

You’ll be surprised! The ACJ TwoTwenty has the ability to take off on shorter runways than its competitors. It has an impressive short takeoff performance of 1,637m/5,370ft at Maximum Takeoff Weight. That’s almost 1000ft less than a G650ER for example. The ACJ TwoTwenty can access more than 90% of the top 100 busiest business aviation airports in the world. It can depart from Singapore Seletar at max weight, operate on a short runway in Borneo or land at challenging airports like London City thanks to its certified steep approach capability up to 5.5º glideslope. Lastly, it occupies the same parking space as a ULR (just 4 feet longer than a Global 7500) and has integrated airstairs for autonomous operation at small airports.

What is the price difference between the ACJ Two Twenty and its competition?

The ACJ TwoTwenty is at the same price point as ultra-long-range business jets (i.e. G700, Global 7500 and Falcon 10X) and will offer three times more cabin space, yet with a third less operating costs and two times better value retention.

Do you see Asia as a big market for the ACJ TwoTwenty?

Today there are 2,200 heavy, long-range and ultra-long-range business jets worldwide which will be due for replacement in the next few years for latest technology, intercontinental range & more cabin space. With more than 600 aircraft in this segment, the Asia Pacific region is no exception to that trend. I believe our products and the ACJ TwoTwenty in particular will compete for a good share in this market. Business aviation needs will definitely continue to develop together with the growth of Asian economies.

What makes the ACJ TwoTwenty different to other business jets?

This is the latest aircraft generation that meets modern design for the highest comfort. The ACJ TwoTwenty is a clean sheet designed aircraft with advanced materials, fly-by-wire and state of-the-art technologies, combined with an inspiring cabin, created with unrivalled knowledge and skills, as well as leading edge connectivity. The distinctive cabin features, no other business jets can offer, are notably: 6 wide living areas of 12m2 each, 2.1m height and over 3.3m cabin cross-section, cuisine/bar separate and dedicated area, a US-size king bed, stand tall rainshower, table for 8, double door allowing simultaneous crossing, 2.7m width and 1.3m long meridienne, 55inch 4K TV screen and more. It can have up to 10 full flat sleeping positions plus one full flat isolated crew rest area. It is a whole new experience or the difference between flying and living in an airplane!

How would you pitch the ACJ TwoTwenty against its competition? It’s a game changer, no more compromises on Cost, Range and Space.

For the first time, we are able to offer the ACJ experience at a price point accessible to traditional bizjet owners and operators.

When can we expect to see the first ACJ TwoTwenty in the air?

The first ACJ TwoTwenty will enter into service next year and it will benefit from the outstanding maturity of the program with already more than 500,000 hours flown to date.

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