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XPeng HT Aero Presents at European Market

XPeng HT Aero Presents at European Market

HT Aero, an urban air mobility (UAM) company and an affiliate of XPeng, debuted in Europe at the EUROPEAN ROTORS 2021, Cologne, Germany.

HT Aero hosted a keynote speech called “Explore Future Mobility”, illustrating the brand’s latest cutting-edge developments – the 5th generation X2 and 6th generation concept of a flying car. The virtual exhibits also demonstrated HT Aero’s range of innovative technologies for UAM aircraft.

The company’s 6th gen flying car has a comfortable, easy-to-use cockpit fully equipped with autonomous assistant pilot functions that use XPENG’s signature intelligent OS.

For the X2, features have been upgraded, including the powertrain and flight controls. It has also been equipped with Emergency Parachute Systems. Furthermore, the flying car is incredibly lightweight, weighing 560 kg with a max take-off weight of 760kg. The expected cruising speed of the aircraft is 130 kph, with an expected range of 35 minutes at a max altitude of 1,000 m.

Deli Zhao, founder and President of HT Aero, said “We are passionate about private manned aircraft and are committed to building the world’s safest intelligent electric flying cars. We believe that in the medium term everyone will be able to realize their dreams of taking to the air with HT Aero, and we are proud to develop intelligent people-first solutions that push the limits of mobility – both on the road and in the sky. We are thrilled to announce that European test flights for the X2 are planned for H1 2022.”