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Wisk Publishes Whitepaper on Software Platform SCOPE

Wisk Publishes Whitepaper on Software Platform SCOPE

Wisk has released a whitepaper on its new microsimulation platform SCOPE

Wisk’s SCOPE platform uses data from multiple sources such as Otonomo, alongside machine learning to simulate real-world trips in urban areas around the world. According to Pavan Yedvalli, Head of Product Intelligence and Systems Simulation at Wisk, it can also model the travel behavior of an entire population.

“With AAM poised to revolutionize urban transportation, it is critical for AAM companies and their city partners to leverage advanced modeling and simulation tools, to ensure the responsible and equitable distribution of AAM services…The data gathered from these simulations are then used to inform and refine our strategy and ensure that we are making decisions that benefit the communities that we serve,” he states.

“Wisk’s SCOPE platform provides us with the critical insights needed to make informed, data-driven decisions and ensure that future services have a positive and meaningful impact for local communities,” Gary Gysin, Wisk’s CEO adds.

SCOPE will assist Wisk in infrastructure development, network planning, and strategic business decisions regarding advanced air mobility (AAM).

Wisk previously partnered with Queensland’s Council of Mayors to bring AAM to Australia.