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Vertical to Conduct Next Stage Flights Tests for VX4

Vertical to Conduct Next Stage Flights Tests for VX4

Vertical Aerospace, while unveiling its 2022 financial report, announced plans to move on to the next stage of flight tests for its VX4 eVTOL.

Having already conducted early-stage tests in September last year, the Bristol-based company is expected to complete piloted flights at higher altitudes and speeds in the next few months.

In the financial report, Vertical confirmed that it is “progressing towards the next stages in our flight-test programme for the VX4 aircraft, which we expect will include piloted flights at increasing altitudes and speeds and demonstration of the transition from vertical lift to horizontal forward flight.”

Alongside further test flights, it also seeks to clarify the certification requirements for its eVTOL with the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority and find a suitable site to manufacture the VX4.

“We are beginning the search for specialist facilities for assembly, testing and production of our aircraft,” the firm said. “Our manufacturing facility plans are still in process, and various aspects of the component procurement and manufacturing plans have not yet been determined.”

In its financial report, Vertical also reported that its net loss decreased to £94 million (about USD$115.7 million) last year, marking a significant decline from £245 million (about USD$301.7 million) in 2021.

Despite this, the eVTOL manufacturer acknowledged it will need to raise more capital to fund its future operations. The UK company has received pre-delivery payments from American Airlines and Japanese firm Marubeni for its VX4 aircraft.

“We will need, and intend in 2023, to raise additional capital to fund our future operations and remain as a going concern,” Vertical said.

Earlier this month, the company opened a battery development facility in Bristol that will focus on powering the VX4.

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