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U.S. Representatives Call for Non-essential Helicopter Ban in NYC

U.S. Representatives Call for Non-essential Helicopter Ban in NYC

Members of the U.S. Congress have called for an end to non-essential helicopter flights in New York City citing safety, noise, and environmental concerns.

In a letter to Governor Kathy Hochul and Mayor Eric Adams, U.S. Representative Jerry Nadler and Dan Goldman requested a ban on non-essential flights at several heliports to address the negative safety, noise, and environmental impact of the increasing number of tourist and commuter helicopters.

“Helicopter-related noise complaints to 311 have increased in New York City by over 2300 percent in the last five years, and helicopter safety, noise, and environmental concerns are now one of the top issues we hear about from our constituents,” said the representatives.

“Our communities have suffered long enough from the impacts of a non-essential helicopter industry that has operated nearly unfettered for decades,” the letter continued.

Melissa Elstein, Coalition Organizer, Board Chair, and Secretary of Stop the Chop NY/NJ, regarded sightseeing and tourist helicopters as an unnecessary way for tourists to view New York City.

She pointed out that quieter, safer, and more environmentally-friendly sightseeing options exist, such as walking, biking, boat tours, and observation decks. On top of that, commuter helicopter flights to airports and vacation spots can also be done through more environmentally friendly and quieter modes of transportation.

According to city 311 call center data compiled by Bloomberg, complaints about helicopter noise in New York City spiked from 3,332 in 2019 to 25,916 in 2021.

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