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The Jet Business Becomes IADA Member

The Jet Business Becomes IADA Member

The Jet Business, which operates a corporate aviation showroom in London for the marketing and acquisition of business jets, has joined the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) in a move that will expand the dealers’ network in Europe.

“The Jet Business is elated to now be a part of IADA’s collective of the most effective private jet sales experts in the world,” said Steve Varsano, Chief Executive Officer, The Jet Business.

IADA Executive Director Wayne Starling said The Jet Business serves as an international approach that expands the influence of IADA’s network of business jet dealers and transaction experts.

While most IADA-accredited dealers do business in North America, 56 percent of them operate in Europe, 44 percent are active in Latin America, 42 percent in Asia and the Pacific region and 39 percent work in the Middle East and Africa.