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The Bell 505, a Capable and Flexible Workhorse

The Bell 505, a Capable and Flexible Workhorse

The Bell 505 continues to prove its ability to perform and deliver, with more than 300 aircraft delivered across the globe. Given the aircraft’s capability to perform a variety of missions, there is proven demand in the market. From training academies in the UAE and Japan, to private owner operations in North America, the 505 can complete any desired mission.

In the global private ownership segment, Bell 505 owners are using the aircraft to beat traffic, efficiently travel to business sites, and spend quality time with their families. With such efficiency, owners are saving hours in transit time. Conversely, on the weekends, said owners are enjoying the benefits of escaping the constraints of city life and flying off to their proper oasis’s with friends and family. With unbeatable views from the sky, a full glass cockpit, and stadium seating, friends and family relish their time in the machine.

The benefits of the aircraft are not limited to business owners or VIP guests. Similarly, utility operators are using the 505 to move crew and cargo, even securing contracts against larger aircraft due to the Bell 505’s competitive price point. This versatility doesn’t stop with utility operators and ranges all the way to parapublic and law enforcement operations. Law enforcement and government agencies such as Fort Worth Police Department and the Jamaican Defense Force are relying on the Bell 505 for surveillance and patrol missions to keep their cities safe.

In China, the Bell 505 is used for various missions, but the aircraft is primarily used for tourism missions and flight trainings. Reignwood Star GA has expanded its business with the use of the Bell 505. In Sanya, Reignwood Star is operating a Bell 505 to carry out tourism missions and island transport for the Shangri-La Hotel. With such a mission, guests are whisked away with the ultimate VIP treatment. Stepping into the 505 and stepping out towards paradise, the Shangri-La hotel offers an exclusive and comprehensive experience. A guest can experience the freedom of flight, overlooking a breathtaking landscape. The opportunities for the aircraft are endless.

The missions don’t stop there. Reignwood also has Bell 505s across the vast country for other missions. For example, they conducted dozens of emergency rescue missions in North China. Captain Zhang Xinyu, pilot of Reignwood Star, once used the Bell 505 in an emergency rescue mission in Panjin, Liaoning province. Previously, he relied on the Bell 206 for these missions. Zhan Xinyu said the Bell 505 has much more power which allows them to perform their flight missions with more ease.

Captain Zhang Xinyu of Reignwood Star General Aviation explained the benefits of the Bell 505 for their operations: “The size of the cockpit of the Bell 505 is leading in its class. Whether you’re sitting in the front or in the back, everyone has a great view on board.” In the Bell 505, the rear seats are referred to as stadium seating as they are six inches higher than the front seats in order to maximize viewing for every passenger.

Additionally, he stated that the Bell 505’s dual channel FADEC is advantageous both for efficiency and economics, and that the Bell 505’s power makes it suitable to perform well in multiple different missions. With an immense reduction in pilot workload, Zhang Xinyu can focus his attention on his passengers and their experience, ensuring an unforgettable voyage and raising safety standards to the next level.

Further, he explained the benefits of the Garmin G1000H NXi, which ensures pilots are benefiting from the latest and most comprehensive technology.

The Garmin G1000H NXi avionics system incorporated on the Bell 505 is a highly integrated platform. It provides information to the pilots at a quick glance which further reduces workloads for pilots.

The 505 is the ultimate short light single workhorse, allowing for a breadth of missions. From business efficiency all the way to lifesaving missions, the 505 is a reliable and powerful aircraft. Pilots are put at ease with advanced technological systems and reliability. Globally, the figures speak for themselves, with the machines performing a variety of operations for entities and private individuals.