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Skyroads Collaborates with Urban Movement Labs

Skyroads Collaborates with Urban Movement Labs

Skyroads is working together with Urban Movement Labs (UML) to launch advanced air mobility (AAM) solutions.

The companies aim to combine aviation technology with urban mobility networks safely and sustainably. This will ensure a more collaborative outlook on urban air mobility (UAM).

Skyroads looks to work closely with the City of Los Angeles, UAM operators, manufacturers, and other regulators. They will assess Skyroads’ Automated Airspace Management and Vehicle Guidance Systems.

“Skyroads is partnering with UML to support its mission of facilitating new transportation technology deployments. With our technology, we will bring together a holistic group of stakeholders to create a common understanding and action plan for an early embodiment of Advance Air Mobility and support its implementation in cities like Los Angeles,” states Achim Kostron, Chief Commercial Officer.

The company also released a roadmap detailing how its system could safely operate electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft in cities.

Volocopter previously released a 32-page roadmap on the benefits UAM would bring to Singapore.


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