ASG’s Jeffrey Lowe and CJI’s Alud Davies, two admitted “aviation geeks”, grill each other and provide insights on the Greater China, Japan & Korean business jet markets

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ASG’s Jeffrey Lowe interviews Alud Davies – long-time aviation journalist & blogger, and hired gun to beef up ASG’s ‘Business Jet Country Profiles’ – about the state of the business jet market in Korea, Japan & Greater China. Then Alud’s journalistic urges kick in, the tables are turned and Alud starts asking the questions.

Main Content


The business of business aviation blogging & its benefits


Alud admits he’s an “aviation geek” & we blame our fathers


He proves he’s a humble man


And why we chose him


South Korea Overview


Activity & size of the market


The domestic scene & size categories


Infrastructure or lack thereof in Korea


The HL registration


Alud sums it up


Japan Overview


The dominant OEMs in the market


Source of growth


HondaJet comes home


The biggest operator


Olympics & Infrastructure


Breaking down and cutting through the red tape


Japanese culture and the perception of business aviation


First impressions & the decline of the Greater China market


Reasons for the decline


Murkiness and the impact of the trade dispute


Then along comes Covid-19 & comparisons


Business sentiment & confidence and their effect


Fleet drivers, size preferences & what’s leaving


Large cabin blues & where’s the replacements?


Impact of tariffs & decision making


What about other size categories?


Is the issue infrastructure or just travel habits in Mainland China


Operator tales, parentage, the competitive landscape and One Country / Two Systems


Expectations for 2H20, Covid-19 & Hong Kong’s “new normal”


Hong Kong overview and it’s the economy!

(26: 27)

Parking & slots issues in Hong Kong


Is Macau our salvation? I don’t think so


Taiwan overview – slow & steady


Market characteristics & bucking the trend


US Products and Gulfstream

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