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Saudia to Purchase 100 eVTOLs From Lilium

Saudia to Purchase 100 eVTOLs From Lilium

Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) has signed an agreement with Lilium to purchase up to 100 of its eVTOLs to be used in Saudi Arabia.

The agreement was announced by Ibrahim S. Koshy, Chief Executive Officer of Saudia, on 26 October, with Koshy noting that the aircraft would be a “premium service” and that “it shows Saudia’s commitment to sustainability because we’re talking about 100 percent electric aircraft,” adding that they are the first airline in the Middle East and North Africa region that is introducing this as part of their network.

The state carrier, which currently operates a network of more than 100 domestic and international destinations, says it will support the German eVTOL developer with the necessary regulatory approval processes in Saudi Arabia for certification of the Lilium Jet.

The price of the acquisition has not yet been announced, with the proposed arrangement between the two parties subject to a joint feasibility assessment and both sides agreeing to commercial terms.

“Saudia, building on its commitment to be an industry leading airline committed to sustainability, considers our eVTOL network project with Lilium to be an undertaking of great significance for the Kingdom’s aviation industry and will contribute effectively to spurring sustainable tourism in Saudi using zero-emission aviation,” Koshy said. “Saudia intends to meet a growing demand for regional air mobility and offer our valued guests a superior on-board experience. The potential for such an airborne transit network is limitless.”

“We are thrilled to work with innovative partners for whom sustainability is a priority. This partnership with Saudia, our first in the Middle East, is an exciting development for Lilium,” said Alexander Asseily, Vice Chairman of Lilium. “We look forward to working with Saudia to deploy an eVTOL network across Saudi Arabia.”