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Ryse Recon Personal eVTOL Completes First Crewed Flight

Ryse Recon Personal eVTOL Completes First Crewed Flight

Ryse Aero Technologies, an eVTOL startup based in north-central Ohio, says that it has completed its first crewed test flight in its single-seat Ryse Recon ultralight personal eVTOL aircraft.

The flight tested the ultralight eVTOL’s flight control system, with the company saying that it had accomplished a seamless take-off, controlled hover, forward flight, pivot turn maneuver as well as a smooth landing.

The Ryse Recon is designed for people working in the agricultural sector or living in rural communities as it does not require a pilot’s license to operate. It has an operational ceiling of just 400ft.

With six separate propulsion systems and a separate removable battery, the Ryse Recon has a target range of 25 miles (40 km) and a top speed of 63 mph (100 km/h). On a single charge the battery can last for up to 25 minutes.

“The test flight today is a huge step in fulfilling our mission to provide an accessible aircraft for people with a purpose and to make flying accessible to all,” said Mick Kowitz, CEO, RYSE Aero Tech. “The Aircraft we are proving today is reliable, stable and enjoyable, and most importantly, safe.”

The company is aiming to make its first delivery in 2023.


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