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REGENT Secures Investment from Japan Airlines

REGENT Secures Investment from Japan Airlines

Electric sea glider manufacturer REGENT has secured funding from Japan Airlines, making its total funding raised to date to US$45 million.

The amount of the investment from the Japan Airlines Innovation Fund was not disclosed. Billy Thalheimer, co-founder and CEO of REGENT said the investment gives the company the resources needed to unveil its innovative regional travel solution.

The US start-up company aims to certify its 12-passenger Viceroy model under maritime regulations and start commercial operation in 2025. Last year, the company started testing a quarter-scale technology demonstrator called Squire in Rhode Island.

Seagliders are a new mode of transportation that can fly like airplanes and operate over the water using an aerodynamic phenomenon known as the ground effect. REGENT has sold more than 400 sea gliders with more than US$7.5 billion in orders.

“We believe sea gliders are a safe, sustainable, and economical solution and we are excited to work with REGENT to assess demand not only in Japan but around the world,” said Yasushi Noda, Senior Vice President of Digital Innovation, Japan Airlines.

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