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REGENT Expands Presence to the Philippines

REGENT Expands Presence to the Philippines

REGENT, the manufacturer of all-electric seagliders, has signed an agreement with INAEC Aviation Corporation to expand its presence to the Philippines. 

Under the deal, INAEC will amass a fleet of 15 REGENT Viceroy seagliders, each of which can hold 12 passengers. 

The two companies intend to collaborate closely to engage with various stakeholders, including the general public, to determine the necessary infrastructure and operational needs before the official launch of commercial services.

Billy Thalheimer, co-founder and CEO of REGENT, said the Viceroy is ideal for coastal countries like the Philippines as it provides locals and tourists with an efficient and sustainable mode of transportation. 

“Island nations like the Philippines are a perfect match for seagliders, where communities are connected by shared coastal waterways and can benefit from more affordable and convenient mobility between them,” he said. “We’re thrilled to have such strong alignment with INAEC in our shared mission to deliver safe, sustainable, and memorable passenger experiences for all travelers.”

Jay Lopez, INAEC President, said the use of seagliders will open doors for people to explore areas in the Philippines that were previously inaccessible.

“Seagliders are a game changer for the Philippines. They will open up new opportunities to reach currently inaccessible islands and allow visitors to experience more of the natural beauty our country has to offer,” he said. “We’re excited to work with REGENT to introduce innovative technologies like seagliders that are safe and affordable while being consistent with the Lopez Group’s strategic direction to provide environment-friendly and sustainable modes of transport for travelers.”

REGENT is making great headway on the road to certification as the company has already received an Approval in Principle from Bureau Veritas, which provides testing, inspection, and certification services to maritime manufacturers and operators. 

The Rhode Island-based firm has orders for more than 500 seagliders from airline and ferry operators globally, totaling more than USD$8 billion. REGENT has also secured more than USD$50 million in funding over the past two years and procured strategic investments from the likes of Japan Airlines, Lockheed Martin, and Yamato Holdings.

REGENT has plans to establish up to 600,000 square feet of manufacturing and testing facilities in the future and aims to launch the Viceroy by the middle of this decade. 

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