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OEM Overview – Charter Report 2020

OEM Overview – Charter Report 2020

There was a total of 327 business jets available for charter operations in the Asia-Pacific region in 2020. Textron and Bombardier were the market leaders – with a charter fleet of 93 (28.4%) and 90 (27.5%), respectively. Gulfstream, with a charter fleet of 56 (17%) came in third. Together, the top three OEMs accounted for 73% of the charter fleet in the Asia-Pacific region.

With 31 jets for charter, Textron is the most popular charter OEM in Australia. Textron also has a large presence in India – with 23 Textron-built charter jets in operation in the country. However, it is not very popular in Mainland China, a region which prefers large and long-range aircraft. Bombardier and Gulfstream are the top charter OEMs in Mainland China – operating a fleet of 27 and 25 charter jets, respectively.

The Gulfstream G450, Falcon 2000EX and Embraer Legacy 650 are the most popular charter models in the Asia-Pacific region, with 15 jets each. The most popular Textron and Bombardier charter models are Citation 550 (13 jets) and Challenger 800/850 (14 jets).

Mainland China is also home to the largest corporate airliner charter fleet in the region (six charter jets) – which is again a reflection of the region’s preference for larger sized aircraft. Boeing BBJ is the most popular corporate airliner used for charter in the Mainland China. Mainland China also has a Lineage 1000 available for charter – one of only two in the Asia-Pacific region, with the other in operation in India.

The average age of the regional charter fleet is 16 years. The Textron charter fleet is the oldest and has an average age of nearly 19 years. Embraer, with an average charter fleet age close to 10 years, has the youngest fleet in the region. Embraer is also the only OEM with an average charter fleet age of less than 10 years.