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Customer Service Networks – Business Jets – Infrastructure Report 2021

Customer Service Networks – Business Jets – Infrastructure Report 2021

Authorized Service Facility (ASF): An authorized service facility is defined as an organization that has been deemed qualified by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to perform maintenance, repair operations and alterations on an aircraft, airframe, or any part for which it is related and within the terms and conditions with the OEM. The degree of maintenance (line, base or both) that the ASF can perform for any aircraft is determined by the OEM. ASFs have a special relationship with the OEMs and provide the same level of maintenance, for which they are authorized, as any OEM, with the additional convenience of being local.

Original Equipment Manufacturer Owned (OEM): OEM facilities are maintenance and repair facilities that have been set-up in different countries to provide factory level MRO services to operators locally. These facilities are owned by the OEMs themselves and thus have many benefits over other facility types, faster procurement and replacement of damaged parts, factory-level guaranteed service, etc.

Third Party: Third Party facilities are neither owned by the OEMs nor have the authorization to provide maintenance and repair services by the OEMs. Although not directly authorized by the OEM, these facilities have the capabilities to provide maintenance services locally and at cheaper rates.

Logistic Centers: Strategically placed OEM authorized facilities aimed at providing replacement of after sales parts to operators or MRO facilities located in the region. Logistic centers are key to continued maintenance operations and can drastically reduce the lead time for sourcing of replaceable aircraft parts.