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NTSB Completes LearJet 60 Chicago Executive Runway Excursion Report

NTSB Completes LearJet 60 Chicago Executive Runway Excursion Report

The US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has completed its report on a 2020 incident involving a LearJet 60 runway excursion at Chicago Executive Airport.

According to the report, 2001-build LearJet 60 N1128M / 60-222 was completing a flight from Cleveland Cuyahoga Airport when it landed on the wrong runway at Chicago Executive Airport and exited the end of the runway.

During the final approach, the crew mistook runway 30 for runway 34, using runway 30s PAPI lights as vertical guidance to the runway.

The NTSB report states that prior to departure, the captain calculated the required landing distance at Chicago Executive Airport to be 4,790ft. However, runway 30 is just 3,983ft.

The aircraft touched down in a light crosswind, and reverse thrust and the brakes were applied immediately.

However, at 1,000ft at 100 knots the captain realized that the aircraft was rapidly running out of tarmac to stop on, so steered the LearJet off the runway to avoid a road that passes at the end of the runway.

The aircraft came to rest close to the perimeter fence, having suffered extensive damage to its left wing.

The NTSB report says that during the evacuation ground personnel at the airport informed the pilots that they had landed on the wrong runway.

None of the two crew or six passengers on board the aircraft at the time of the accident were injured.