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New hangar project of Comlux in DWC airport

New hangar project of Comlux in DWC airport

Business aviation service provider Comlux has announced the signing of an agreement with Mohammed Bin Rashid Aerospace Hub (MBRAH), an aerospace platform of Dubai dedicated to the advancement of the aviation industry to develop a hangar facility across 12,000 square meters of land.

The facility is equipped to accommodate two ACJ and BBJ family aircraft types, including the future ACJ TwoTwenty. The hangar will be fully operational by mid-2023, and Comlux will be providing its Middle East customers with maintenance services and cabin upgrades as well as refurbishment quality works on its VIP aircraft.

Comlux Tech organization is responsible for overseeing the project for the Comlux Group, which aims to further develop the synergies between Comlux Aviation operations and Comlux Completion know-how in VIP cabin engineering and craftmanship towards better serving bizliners fleets, in particular, the ACJ TwoTwenty, which will enter in service by early 2023.

Executive Chairman of Dubai Aviation Corporation Khalifa Al Zaffin claimed Comlux’s market positioning will help expand the service capabilities of MBRAH and attract new businesses, securing its global position as the preferred choice for industry players seeking to operate in an integrated, economic environment, where they can connect with international markets.

Richard Gaona, Executive Chairman and CEO of Comlux, stated MBRAH’s is an ideal location for Comlux’s expansion in the immediate future as it provides Middle East customers with convenient, high-quality, and cost-efficient solutions for their VIP cabin changes and upgrades at DWC during their stay in Dubai for maintenance grounding time.