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Market Trends – Civil Helicopter Fleet Report YE 2021

Market Trends – Civil Helicopter Fleet Report YE 2021

Asia-Pacific’s civil turbine helicopter fleet stood at 4,458 at the end of 2021 – an increase of around 1.4% compared to the 4,395 helicopters at the end of 2020. The overall helicopter market has been slowly growing since 2014. The fleet saw total net growth of 63 units in 2021, as a result of 91 new deliveries, 137 pre-owned additions, and 165 deductions. These deductions included out-of-region transactions, helicopter retirements, and units placed in storage. Out of the 165 deductions, 61 (37%) were over 20 years old. Moreover, a total of 40 helicopters changed operating bases within APAC, however, this did not impact the total number of the regional fleet.

The number of pre-owned additions and deductions, which had both decreased in 2020, saw a sharp spike in 2021 – around 41% and 46%, respectively. The growth in pre-owned additions is largely a result of an increase of 37 helicopters in Australia and 28 in New Zealand, whilst the Philippines and Indonesia, two countries with no pre[1]owned additions in 2020, each added around ten helicopters in 2021. Shanghai Kingwing, a major operator in mainland China, declared bankruptcy, and all 39 of its helicopters were put into storage. A total of 53 helicopters moved out of APAC.

Bell had the most deliveries into APAC in 2021, with 37 units (41%). Coming next was Airbus Helicopters and Leonardo, with 26 (29%) and 13 (14%) respectively. In total, 67 (74%) of newly delivered helicopters had a utility configuration and were used for multi-mission operations. However, the Bell 407, which was 2020’s most popular newly delivered helicopter, saw the steepest drop in new delivery numbers during 2021, with a decrease of 15 units. Because of this the Bell 505 overtook the Bell 407 as the most popular newly delivered model in 2021, with 15 units (16%). The Robinson R66 was next, with 11 new deliveries (12%) – the only other model that saw significant growth.

Out of the 137 pre-owned additions, 52 units (38%) were Airbus Helicopters, 30 (22%) were Bell, and 24 (18%) were Leonardo. The most popular pre-owned model remained the Airbus H125, with 30 units (22%), followed by the Leonardo AW109 with 12 units (9%). Although it is worth noting that the second-ranked H225 in 2020 is not on the list in 2021.

Of the 165 deductions, 57 units (34%) were Airbus Helicopters, 52 units (31%) were Leonardo, and 28 units (17%) were Bell. The Leonardo AW119 saw the largest deduction from the Asia[1]Pacific fleet, with 29 units (18%). This was followed by the H125 with 14 units (8%).