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LYTE Aviation to Unveil 40-seat eVTOL

LYTE Aviation to Unveil 40-seat eVTOL

LYTE Aviation will outline plans to build a 40-seat eVTOL at the Helicopter Investor’s London 2023 conference that begins March 22.

Freshta Farzam, founder and CEO, LYTE Aviation, said the innovative aircraft will utilize a traditional airframe and tiltwing design. It will also come in two variations – one being called the SkyBus which will serve passengers. The other, known as the SkyTruck, will be geared towards cargo and have a maximum capacity of 4.5 tonnes.

Farzam said if everything goes to plan, a prototype of the eVTOL could be ready within two years.

“The future face of regional aviation doesn’t have to be complex and futuristic looking,” Farzam said. Unlike other next-gen designs that have electric propulsion and heavy batteries, the project will be a tandem tiltwing design, with gearing allowing for forward flight and hover. “This simplification means that, subject to funding, a full-scale prototype could be ready within two years,” she said.

UK-based LYTE Aviation will be partnering with British aircraft connectivity solutions specialist Inmarsat, which will give Farzam’s company access to advanced communication capabilities that will allow its aircraft to operate in continental airspace and more isolated areas.

A partnership with Inflight Canada has also been agreed upon, but it will focus on the SkyTruck cargo variant.

Farzam will unveil more information about her firm’s 40-seat eVTOL at the Helicopter Investor’s London 2023 event.

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