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Kawasaki Delivers D-3 Helicopter to Thailand

Kawasaki Delivers D-3 Helicopter to Thailand

Tokyo-based aerospace company Kawasaki Heavy Industries delivered one of its H145, or BK117 D-3, helicopters to a firm in Thailand, marking the first such delivery outside Japan. 

The seventh D-3 helicopter delivered by Kawasaki was sent to NMB-Minebea Thai, a mechanical and electrical components firm that will use it for employee transportation. 

As part of the BK117 series and a step up from the D-2 helicopter, the D-3 possesses a large cabin space, better high-altitude hovering performance, reduced noise levels, enhanced avionics, and an up-to-date five-made main rotor system. 

The D-3 also permits a heavier carrying load of up to 150 kg and has a lower maintenance period compared to its predecessor. 

The BK117, a medium-sized twin-engine helicopter, was jointly developed by Kawasaki and Airbus Helicopters. First delivered in 1983, the helicopter has undergone numerous upgrades and has been used for various purposes, including firefighting, law enforcement, broadcasting, cargo, and as an air ambulance. 

To date, Kawasaki has delivered 189 BK117 series aircraft, but that number surges to 1,900 worldwide when combining deliveries completed by Airbus Helicopters. 

The Japanese firm has plans to continue improving the BK117, including developing optional equipment that can be utilized for a diverse array of missions. 

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