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KAI Plans to Test Fly Subscale Prototype in 2024

KAI Plans to Test Fly Subscale Prototype in 2024

Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) said it plans to test-fly a subscale version of its eVTOL demonstrator in 2024.

The subscale version of the as yet unnamed eVTOL is likely to be around 30-40% smaller than the full-size version, which KAI is hoping will be used as a standardized model for advanced air mobility in South Korea.

Although KAI has released a composite image of the tilt-rotor eVTOL, few details are currently known, only that it will use hybrid electric propulsion.

The company is currently preparing to manufacture passenger VTOL aircraft, as the Korean government plans to have on-demand air taxis by 2025, and hydrogen fuel cell electric aircraft prototypes after 2029.


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