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HKBAC welcomes Hong Kong International Airport’s launch of Business Jet & Commercial Flight Wing-to-Wing Transfer Service and debuts “HKBAC JetLink Service”

HKBAC welcomes Hong Kong International Airport’s launch of Business Jet & Commercial Flight Wing-to-Wing Transfer Service and debuts “HKBAC JetLink Service”

[20 March 2024 – Hong Kong] The Hong Kong Business Aviation Centre (“HKBAC”) welcomes Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA)’s launch of the new business jet and commercial flight wing-to-wing transfer service and immediately introduces a new business jet service “HKBAC JetLink Service” today. The new service ensures seamless connectivity between business jet and commercial flight thus providing business jet operators and passengers with a highly convenient and personalized transfer journey with enhanced privacy. As the only franchised Fixed-Base Operator (FBO) at HKIA, HKBAC will dedicate the best efforts to promote the new service and help Hong Kong consolidate its position as an international aviation hub. Through continuous enhancement of high value-added aviation services, HKBAC is poised to contribute to Hong Kong’s economic and wider development.

Allen Fung, Chairman of HKBAC, said, “Business aviation has always been the high value-adding component of Hong Kong’s aviation industry. We also help to drive Hong Kong’s mega event economy and contribute to the territory’s wider development. The new ‘HKBAC JetLink Service’ will, no doubt, facilitate Hong Kong’s attempt to attract international talents, business and leisure travellers, as well as new opportunities. It will also enhance HKIA’s competitiveness and our ability to leverage the Hong Kong Double Gateway advantage to connect with other cities in the Mainland and the rest of the world, in line with the Nation’s support for Hong Kong to expand its aviation network, also to harness our position as an international aviation hub.”

Apart from business owners, senior executives of commercial organizations and high net-worth individuals, demand for business aviation services has arisen from diverse sources in recent years, with an increasing number of charter flights and passengers who are looking for efficient, convenient and personalized travel experiences with enhanced privacy. The new “HKBAC JetLink Service” can shorten transfer time by one-third and, with dedicated personnel accompanying the traveller throughout the entire transfer journey, it brings customers a more flexible and pleasant wing-to-wing experience between the business jet and commercial flight.

The brand new “HKBAC JetLink Service” offers a seamless and comfortable travel experience, eliminating the need for individual travellers to handle the complicated and time-consuming processes of Customs and Immigration clearance as well as baggage claim. Additionally, it offers passengers a broader selection of routes combining both business and commercial aviation, hence passengers can enjoy both cost-effectiveness and flexibility in commuting. For instance, passengers may choose to take international commercial flight to Hong Kong and transfer to business jet to connect directly to other cities in the region. Such high-end service is expected to be very attractive to passengers.

HKBAC is confident about future development. In tandem with HKIA’s Three Runway System and the Airport City initiative, HKBAC’s Terminal Redevelopment Project commenced in 2022 and has been progressing as planned. Upon completion of the Project in 2025, HKBAC will be able to double its handling capacity for business jet movement and further improve travel experience for transit passengers by upgrading relevant facilities. The Terminal Redevelopment Project will better connect the Greater Bay Area (GBA) and the international community and provide passengers with the premier service of Hong Kong.

Photo Caption (From left to right):
Ms. Cissy Chan, Executive Director, Commercial, AAHK
Mr. Allen Fung, Chairman of HKBAC
Mr. Steven Yiu , Executive Director, Airport Operations, AAHK

The Hong Kong Business Aviation Centre (HKBAC) is a premier executive aviation support facility for business aircraft. Located at the Hong Kong International Airport, HKBAC provides round-the-clock services at the most convenient aviation hub for destinations in Mainland China, other parts of Asia and beyond.

HKBAC opened in 1998, and offers the full range of professional aircraft technical support, ground handling, as well as passenger and crew services. The team is trained to attend to customers of different nationalities and cultures, and to provide highly personalized flight handling.

As the first FBO in Asia to have introduced co-located Customs, Immigration and Quarantine services, HKBAC is committed to providing seamless aviation services essential to both safety and style in accordance with the strictest international aviation standards.

HKBAC has been voted the Best Asian FBO in Professional Pilot Magazine PRASE Survey
for an unprecedented 16th consecutive year (2008-2023).
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