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Gulfstream Launches G400 Cabin Mockup Tour

Gulfstream Launches G400 Cabin Mockup Tour

Gulfstream Aerospace has launched a G400 Experience Tour that includes a full-size G400 cabin mockup across the United States to showcase the aircraft’s “class-leading” cabin as it nears its first flight.

The tour, which is aimed at attracting potential buyers, will include stops in Miami, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, Chicago, New York, Pittsburgh, and Washington, D.C., over the coming months.

The G400, introduced in October 2021, is a shortened version of the company’s fly-by-wire G500 and G600 family. The twinjet offers a combination of range, speed, and innovation to the large-cabin business aviation class, and can fly 4,200 nautical miles (7,778 km). It also comes with three different floor plans, catering to nine, 11 or 12 passengers.

The aircraft features 100% fresh air, low cabin altitude, low noise levels, and abundant natural light from Gulfstream’s panoramic oval windows, along with a plasma ionization air purification system. The company expects the G400 to enter into service in 2025.

“We developed the G400 based on direct feedback from our customers, who told us they wanted the cabin comfort and technology they know Gulfstream delivers in the range and speed category the G400 occupies. As such, the G400 marks the newest innovation in our fleet offering an aircraft for every mission, and we look forward to introducing the aircraft to our customers across the U.S. with this tour,” said Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation President Mark Burns.

The initial G400 aircraft has been delivered to Gulfstream’s flight test program, and preparations are underway for the first flight later this year.

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