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Foster + Partners Collaborate with Skyports for Dubai Vertiport Concept Design

Foster + Partners Collaborate with Skyports for Dubai Vertiport Concept Design

British architectural firm Foster + Partner collaborated with Skyports Infrastructure to create a provisional concept design for a vertiport terminal situated next to Dubai International Airport. 

The vertiport is among the four initial locations being scouted by Skyports and Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to form an eVTOL air taxi ecosystem that will allow seamless travel in the city by 2026. 

The four sites will connect Dubai’s most renowned and populated areas through high-speed and zero-emissions aircraft in forming a transportation network that also includes the existing Dubai Metro and international airport. 

The vertiport concept design developed by Foster + Partner and Skyports, a leading provider and operator of vertiports infrastructure, was endorsed by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum at the World Government Summit 2023.

“We are delighted to have developed a vertiport concept for the emerging AAM industry, which will transform the way people travel in Dubai. The conceptual vertiport connects with Dubai International Airport and the Dubai Metro, to provide seamless, sustainable travel across the city for international and domestic passengers,” said David Summerfield, Head of Studio, Foster + Partners.

The vertiport terminal will be located on an elevated deck and be connected to the departure and arrival lounges for a more efficient travel experience. An overhanging roof and façade inclination will be installed to protect the building from direct sunlight and overheating. 

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