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FlyExclusive Expands North Carolina Maintenance Operations

FlyExclusive Expands North Carolina Maintenance Operations

U.S. charter operator FlyExclusive has opened a hangar at its Kinston, North Carolina headquarters, for its paint refurbishment service. The 9,500 sq ft hangar expands the capacity of FlyExclusive’s MRO division and brings the company’s total paint infrastructure to more than 33,000 sq ft, with the ability to paint over eight aircraft per month.

The opening of the new hangar marks the completion of FlyExclusive’s Phase 2 campus expansion plan, including the construction of four major hangar facilities that comprise its MRO business. Phase 3 will include a new corporate headquarters, a ground and flight training space which will include simulators and an additional 80,000 sq ft of maintenance facilities.

The opening of the hangar forms part of FlyExclusive’s strategic goal to become a fully vertically integrated operator.

“We believe our latest investment in this facility will have far-reaching benefits for our business, including increased reliability, efficiency and substantially reduced costs,” said Jim Segrave, Founder and CEO, FlyExclusive. “By bringing 80% of our aircraft maintenance in-house, we will further our commitment to exceptional service, reliability, and an unmatched customer experience.”

FlyExclusive is one of the world’s largest operators of Cessna Citation aircraft and operates a fleet of over 90 aircraft, which are predominantly Cessna Citation jets. The company announced its purchase agreement for a further 14 new Citation aircraft last October. The order comprises eight Citation XLS Gen2 aircraft and up to six Citation Longitudes.

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