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FIVE Introduces Private Jet Charter Service in Dubai

FIVE Introduces Private Jet Charter Service in Dubai

FIVE Hotels and Resorts in Dubai has launched Fly FIVE, a brand-new private jet charter service for its customers. 

Using an ACJ TwoTwenty jet based in Dubai, known as 9H-FIVE with a flying range of around 12 hours, passengers can be flown to destinations throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa. 

Aloki Batra, CEO of FIVE Hospitality, said introducing a private jet charter service would elevate the customer experience the company can provide to its guests. 

“FIVE has the experimental spirit of the modernist vanguard, thus Fly FIVE is an exciting evolution of FIVE’s award-winning disruptive hospitality ethos,” he said. “With this customized, ultra-luxe, immersive private jet experience like no other, FIVE is once again delivering an elevated – and electric – customer experience for a worldwide diaspora.”

Delivered by Swiss aviation company Comlux at the beginning of May, the ACJ TwoTwenty jet comprises 16 seats, an eight-seater dining table, a master suite with a king-sized bed, an onboard shower, and 55-inch TV screens.

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