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Eve Starts Trading on NYSE

Eve Starts Trading on NYSE

Eve Holding, Inc. (Eve) will start trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Its ticker symbols are “EVEX” and “EVEXW”.

“This transaction is a key enabler of our mission to become a leading player in a potential $760 billion UAM addressable market,” states Andre Stein, Co-CEO of Eve.

The move follows Eve’s business combination with Zanite Acquisition Corp. (Zanite).

The combination has raised $377 million, which will be used for improving and certifying Eve’s electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

According to Jerry DeMuro, Co-CEO of Eve, the company has orders for up to 1,825 eVTOLs from 19 customers. These include Azorra Aviation, and Falko Regional Aircraft.

Eve also retains close ties with Embraer, which will help with expanding the company on a global level.

Embraer and Eve also recently assessed

how autonomous flying technologies can be safely operated in urban areas.